in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday 043012

Howdy folks!

Sorry so little posting last week. I felt yucky most of the week and although I am still draggy, I think it is getting better.

My weight just bopped up and down between 285 and 287 – so much for the “it’s not enough water” theory, because I chugged well beyond my proscribed amount every single day. I think it is just hormones.

On the plus, I did NOT cheat or deviate. I did split up my lean from my green one day, when I was feeling bad, but the calories would have been well under for that day and that’s actually allowable on plan, I just don’t usually do it because I like to have as few “choices” to make as possible, to keep my head on straight.

So here is where we are:

Lost 39.4 lbs as of today, rate of 2.4/week overall (1.8/week over last 4; 1.6/week over the last 3 months). That makes reaching my goal of reaching 10 more pounds off by June 3 (my five month on plan anniversary) quite possible. Especially when you consider that I should start this week and should have a whoosh (at least a little one).

To be honest (and why else do I blog?) I am having a hard time right now, emotionally. I am going to list out why so I can get it off my chest. First, not surprisingly, I think this is colored by the fact that hormonal kitteh is hormonal. So prone to drama and sadness. 😉 Second, BFF lost 15 lbs this month. Third, girl at work who was “inspired by me” lost 5 lbs last week.* Yet despite all this success all around me, and despite the fact that I stayed on plan (petty kitteh wants to say “worked as hard as either of them”) I am currently in Bouncing Weight Hell with no results to show.

Now, here is why this is pure crap. First, I DO have results. Forty pounds of them. Second, my targetweight chart shows VERY CLEARLY that I bounce this time of the month EVERY MONTH. If I just stay true to plan (AND I WILL), I will see MORE results. Third, and most importantly, I have committed to doing this and only this and all of this for this year. So even if I am not getting the same results as someone else, I am NOT going to tweak my plan, because my plan IS WORKING FOR ME.

Who am I arguing with, exactly? Well, me of course.

So, this week’s plan is to “knuckle down and work the plan” with no variation. I have a fancy formal out of town wedding to go to with Mr. Kitteh on May 12, which coincidentally is our own anniversary. I have a pretty dress. I am working on accessories. And it is a 14/16. Vanity sizing? ABSOLUTELY. But it is still fun to say. 🙂

And this weekend, I wore an Avenue 22/24 dress to church and received many, many compliments. (On the dress/the look – very few people, maybe even none except family, have commented on the weight loss yet. They just note that I look “so good” or something like that. 🙂 ) 

And right now, I am sitting here in Avenue size 24 capris, which are fitting fine, even a bit loose in the waist.

And when I close my eyes, I can SEE that 275 on the scale… 🙂



*Please note, I am VERY HAPPY FOR THEM. I do not begrudge them a single ounce of weight loss. They have been working hard and deserve much success. I WAS JUST FEELING LEFT OUT !


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