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Back to it

Yesterday wound up being really weird. My tummy was upset all day, and I couldn’t eat when I was supposed to (meaning, was too sick) and then I felt better later last night and had egg salad on low carb bread (like 2 carbs per slice bread from Julian’s Bakery) for my “lean” and some cauliflower for my “green.” Overall, I am sure I was under 1500 calories, but all but 200 of that was consumed after 7:30.

Today, tummy STILL not 100% happy but I am going back on plan regardless, and it is better “enough” to tolerate food. So breakfast was a bit late (didn’t eat until I got to work, because I was worried about having to stop the car during car pools, etc. for bathroom emergency) at 9, then at noon I had eggs and very mild turkey sausage at a local place with a friend, at 3 I had scrambled Medifast eggs, and I have already put water in the fridge to be nice and cold for a shake at 5 or so before I head home. Tonight will be Medifast pancakes for dinner and then a brownie after bedtime, and I will be done.

The friend I met for lunch is a friend I meet every month. She went bonkers when I came in the door about how much I have lost, how much better I look, etc. Which was both nice and interesting – interesting because I guess it really is true that 40 is kind of the point at which people can really SEE the difference.

Oh! And the suit lady came by today for a final fitting, only it may not be final at all. We’ll see. The skirt fit nicely (surprising really because that’s usually where things go awry for me), but the jacket was too tight in the arms – she is taking it to the local tailor tomorrow to see what can be done. I am moderately put out, but what can you do? (Other than hate your arms, which I already had covered.) I am so far NOT impressed with this new suit company. I am going to get this suit (I hope, or else a refund) and then I am going to go back to my old suit company for my next sized down suit. So there.

Other than that, I got nothin. This tummy thing has me feeling listless and tired. Hoping it is much better tomorrow.


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  1. I hope you feel better soon.

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