in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


Despite being perfectly virtuous and on plan, and even completely bowing to the Water Nazi, I randomly was up almost three lbs this morning, to 287.6.

This is why I think it isn’t TOTALLY random:

  • yummy turkey keilbasa for dinner last night (low carb, low cal, but salty)
  • PMS, ’nuff said
  • At the risk of TMI, late (post weigh in) pooping this morning 😉

And this is how I feel about it:

  • Ho-hum, I have seen this before
  • Hey, I am still in the 280s – this weight loss stuff is real
  • Honestly, I fully expect it to be gone, possibly as early as tomorrow, because I think it is just random blip of weighing heavy rather than like I actually GAINED nearly 3 lbs, since 2 lbs of fat = 3500 calories x 2 = 7,000 calories EXTRA, and yesterday I ate somewhere between 1000 and 1400 calories (depending on which measure of the sausages was right, ha!) still leaving me with a deficit for the day of AT LEAST 1,000 calories.

And I went ahead and recorded it in my Weight Tracker thingie, so that when I look back after randomly spiking to 203 when I am SO CLOSE to 199, I can see that this happened before and it is allllllll good. 😉

Just gonna keep on doin’ my thang and trust it will work itself out. Literally. 😉


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