in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

No, I have not scanned up the insanely bad Christmas photos. I’m not sure those will ever see the light-of-blog. But yesterday I found a fun site that does a “weightmirror” – a.k.a. some really rough cut photoshopping, to show you up or down in weight. So I had to take a full length photo to use. Here it is:

And here I am, supposedly at 199:

And here I am, supposedly at 139. (By now, there is a lot of distortion -see my weirdly huge left arm? –  so I stopped there).

I got to the smaller ones by saving up the “after” and using it as the new “before.” If you try this, be sure and notice that you have to adjust height and weight in the top left corner after you upload your photo – if you don’t do that, it won’t let you “lose” as much. And if you do more than one, be sure and change the stats again to the new (theoretical) total weight after you upload the new photo!

I printed a side by side of me now and me at 199 for thinspiration. But what’s weird is, it’s the BEFORE shot that looks messed up to me – stretched out – I guess in my head, I look more like the second photo?

As you can somewhat tell from the “before” (even in the not at all fitted shirt) I am an “hourglass” – my top and bottom are both well over 20 inches bigger than my waist. So it works OK for me proportionally (although I fervently hope that I will lose the hangy looking gut by the time I am at 199!) It didn’t work as well for one of my office mates, who is more of an apple shape.


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