in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

OH, and today?

Perhaps as punishment for writing about ketosis, I am feeling STINKY. I keep catching a weird whiff of the acetone smell and wondering if anyone else can smell it. I think I must have sweated in my sleep around my hairline? And since hair was washed yesterday (and gets dry and awful if washed daily these days, hello 40) I didn’t wash it today.

I suspect it is just because I said so airily that the stinkies were no big deal.

Gum is not helping, my mouth feels like I licked wet nail polish, (shut up, yes, I HAVE done that – did you know that’s how to tell if it is dry? Wet polish stings the tongue!) and my pee could kill.


And this morning, scale was safely back to 285.0.

In related news, I had a “dur” moment about TargetWeight. You know how it let’s you set a goal and then you can set the date or it will calculate it for you at .5/1/2 lbs per week? Well, all this time I have been wishing that it was set up to calculate that date for you based on your actual rate of loss. Then I realized, that’s EXACTLY what the “STATS” part tells you if you just put in the goal and look at STAT. DUR!

So  I played with numbers last night before bed. I put in 125 – my personal Holy Grail of weights. According to TargetWeight, at my fastest rate to date (“all”) I would get there June 12, 2013. Across the board, the various snapshot rates give me somewhere between June and August 2013.

Let’s stop and think about that, shall we?

That means that on or before my 42nd birthday, I could weigh-in at The Dream Weight.

It also means that, even if the weight loss slows down, I could get there by the end of next year.


And just to play with it, I put in some other magic numbers. Here’s what I got with a modest current rate:

  • 250 (75 lbs down) August 11, 2012.
  • 216 (pregnancy/baby/PPD weight all gone)  November 4, 2012
  • 199 (One-derland) Christmas Eve, 2012 (what a present THAT would be!)
  • 175 March 2013
  • 150 May 2013

That 216 number is especially exciting right now, because when I weighed that before kids, I was super active, wore a size 14 petite, and felt and looked “normal.” Not that I WAS, that’s still almost 100 lbs from where I am going to end up. But I know that by then, it will be a snowball of motivation!


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