in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, actually 38.4 right now, but I did MAKE 40 lbs this weekend! 🙂 I’m up a bit at the moment, but here’s what I saw when I plugged 285 into my TargetWeight Ap (minus name and photo):


Only, when I took a screen shot, it all went away, so once again NO BALLOONS FOR ME! BOO! Now I have to lose 10 MORE pounds to show you some flippin balloons. 🙂 But anyway – there you go!

Here’s the stats – and remember, these are off of today’s weight (286.4) rather than the full 285, but no matter:

All: 38.6 lbs in 103 days – average of 2.6/week – will make (new) Target of 275 by 5/16/12.

2 weeks: lost 6.5 lbs in 14 days, average of 3.3/week – will make 275 by 5/10/12.

4 weeks: lost 6.6, average of 1.7/week, will make 275 by 6/3/12.

3 months: lost 21.1, average of 1.6/week, will reach 275 by 6/3/12.


So as you can see, at my “worst” rate to date, I should still hit 275 by 6/3/12.  Interestingly, that will be 5 months to the day of when I started (January 3) and fifty lbs down. I really want to keep up AT LEAST 10 lbs a month on average – meaning, right now I feel that I have “hit that” because I hit 40 lbs down during the 4th month (April) before the 5th month starts. So now I look at it as having given myself a bonus two weeks or so to hit that next 10 lb mark.

I feel superstitious even staying it, but really 10/month is NOT such a HUGE rate that I MUST slow down, right? At least not for the first 100 lbs or so. And for my own encouragement, here are some “events” that are coming up that will be ever so nice if I can keep up the 10/month goal:

  • Weekend of May 18 – ladies retreat for church – would LLOOOOVVVEE to be 50 down by then!! If not then, on June 3 we will have family VBS at our church, that’s another good “target.”
  • July 4 – I may be busting my butt working all weekend, but it would be really coooooool to be 60 lbs down by then!
  • By the time I do my annual weekend away with the hubby at Labor Day, I could be down EIGHTY FREAKIN’ POUNDS – which would be 245 – not a magic number for me but at least below 250.

Oh, and I got to thinking about it – 120 down would be the year result if I lost 10/month all year. And if I did that, I would be 205 come Jan 3. Well, if I can do 120, why not shoot for 126 and be in ONEderland by next year?

OK, I know – shut up, don’t bring me down. 😉 I’m dreaming. But I have four months of data now, this is not just random thinking, this is based in reality. 40 lbs in 100 days is .4/day – on average – and if I did that ON AVERAGE for 365 days, that’s 146 lbs. And THAT would make me 179 in January. Which is enough to give me the heebie jeebies!!

I know I’ve done this before, but for my own edification, here are my magic numbers (and about when I would hit them if I keep up 10/month):

  • The 270s – this is around where I was when got pregnant with Baby No. 2 – should be there sometime in May (high end) and June (low end).
  • 250 – the most I weighed before babies – I used to think it was HUGE. (Well, it WAS, but – well, nevermind. :)) I should be there sometime in August/September!
  • 232 – the amount I weighed two weeks after Baby 1 was born. Should be there sometime in September/October!
  • 216 – the lowest I weighed before I got pregnant with Baby 1. Should be there by sometime in Nov/Dec!
  • 199 and lower – can’t WAIT to get into the 1’s, and I should be there by Jan/Feb!
  • 150 – I weighed this for a lot of high school. Will be there by next June/July!
  • 125 – the goal WW gave me when I joined in 8th grade, that I never made – I could be there will be there by September 2013. Since my birthday is that month, how about we say that I could be at will weigh 125 by my 42nd birthday!

Oh! And I reallllly want to do something special to commemorate 50 lbs down, which is my next mini-goal (and my first big goal!) Any suggestions?



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