in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Hope you had a great Easter weekend! I had a weird one – emergency on one interstate turned a four hour trip to get the kids on Saturday into an all day affair, so our visit to my family’s house was likewise shortened, and with Easter festivities on Saturday night we pretty much barely saw the folks. But I am very pleased to say that thanks to the Water Dictator App, I got in most all water despite travel, and this was my SECOND visit home that was entirely on plan!

Here’s what that “got” me:

All: Lost 36 lbs in 96 days, average of 2.6/week.

Last 2 weeks: Lost 4 lbs in 14 days, average of 2/week.

Last 4 weeks: Lost 5.7 lbs in 28 days, average of 1.4/week.

I am now in the end rather that the beginning of the flood, and this morning I was at 289.0 – a new low – after dancing around the 290-point-somethings for the last week.

I really want to get five more pounds off and be at 285, that will be 40 lbs down.

And I really REALLY want to get 15 more pounds off and be 50 lbs down. I am hoping to hit that by end of May – 50 lbs in 5 months sounds AWESOME and gives me hope (and possibly even expectation!) that my 100 off this year is doable. 🙂

In other news, I collected my little DVD player and T-Tapp DVD from my mom’s house, where I accidently left it after my last visit. I’m going to get in at least 3 of those per week this month. Time to start building muscle.



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