in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


  • I’m using the loofa every day now to try and break up the fat just below the surface (and hopefully help with the saggy skin).

See that there number? As of today, 90 days into my programme exactly, Kitteh is down 35.6 lbs. 🙂

I am also trying out a new app – “Water Your Body.” My friend uses and recommends for tracking water during the day. The coolest part is that you can “set” what a bottle is, so I have my Nalgene bottle set up for one of the icons and my giant tea mug set up as one and my giant HOME tea mug set up as a third, so I can just “click” add and it tells you what you have had, what is left. Right now, I am growly because it seems a bit confusing. But I am pretty sure I will have it figured out soon and then will lurve it.

This all comes from my discussion (which I referred to yesterday as a “text fight”) with my friend. First, background. Said friend is using a week off this week as a boot camp of sorts to try and break a stall – doing all protein shakes plus one meal, and walking a lot, and pushing the water. Sunday was her first day. Monday she texted me that she had lost 1.5 lbs. I responded yay! and that I was still /sadface because I wasn’t moving yet, probably until I start my period, which should be any minute. To which she responded “I still think you need to drink more water lol” and there you have it, I was all “aggrabated” (as my son would say) because my broken little kitteh brain heard “You would be losing 1.5 a day too if you did things my way, this stall is all your fault.”

(Yes, that is NOT what she said or even meant. I know. Shut up.)

So after I figured out “you are just being broken and paranoid” I asked for more info, and I ruminated on it, and I concluded that even though I DRINK A LOT OF WATER, as in 100-200 oz per day, that is only true for in office days. I am terrible on out of office days and even terrible-er on weekends, mostly because I forget and because I don’t like to stop and pee all the time. 😉 And i figure that means that my AVERAGE water is probably way below what I think it is. My very well meaning and helpful friend is using the aforementioned app, and so I am trying it.

Oh, and by the way – yesterday I was TERRIBLE with water. And I was whooshy this morning. But that’s as likely to be because I started than because i didn’t drink. Still, it’s funny. 🙂

So, to sum up:

  • Result: 90 days into this, 36-ish pounds down. That’s still 10/month (actually a bit better) which is my goal.
  • Result: My new (cheapo Walmart) pants are too too big now (again) so I am going to go buy some (more cheapo) pants this afternoon that won’t feel disturbingly like they are going to fall down when I put my phone in my pocket.
  • New strategery: get in the 176 oz of water per day EVERY DAY that this app suggests and see if that levels out some of the ups and downs of water weight.
  • New strategery: using loofa every day (as discussed previously) to hopefully help break up some of the fat nearer the surface and avoid/help the saggy skin.

Tonight I am going to take my measurements!



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