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Moanday 040212

I am out of sorts today, for no good reason. My kids are off for the week and I am having a mini-vacation because “all” I have to do is my day job. (How sad is my life when that is a vacation?) I was all jazzed about this yesterday. I woke up with a bad attitude, had a brief (over!) text fight with my best girl friend over nothing reasonable (more later on that one). Got to work and my law partner was in “dictate” mode to me, while I was in “bite me” mode to the world – not the best combination. ūüėČ So I am going to give you my results and then use my patented Cheer Up, Kitteh technique, which is to list my top 10 happy things of the moment. ūüôā

Results – All: Lost 32.6 lbs in 89 days. Average is 2.6/week.

Results – 4 weeks: Lost 4.9/lbs in 28 days, 1.2 lbs/week.

Results – 2 weeks: Lost .6 lbs in 14 days, average .3/week – This is just plain averaging – I wish you could see the graph for this one, it is HUGE zigzags up and down. Don’t really know what’s going on here – maybe because I had alcohol? Does it matter that much? I’m also in whatever causes the PMS bloat/swell/hold on mode, should start any moment/day now and we’ll see what result.

Here is what is sitting beside my front door:


That is a bag (with another bag’s worth on top) of clothes that are too big for me now. I should be happy about that, but I am curiously ambivalent. I want to donate them. But I am scared I am going to need them. Not that I am going to get fatter again, exactly – more that I haven’t really replaced them and I won’t be able to. Why? No clue. Tomorrow, they are going to donation, and that’s that.

10 Happy Things:

1. I have a week off from my main job of Being Responsible For Other Living Beings.¬†It’s funny – I get a lot of help from both a husband who is teh awesomes and an astoundingly good,¬†very smart nanny who is also a best friend and goes above and beyond on a regular basis.¬†¬†Lately, she has¬†done a lot of¬†the lunch prep – for a while there, husband was doing it in the mornings whilst the coffee brewed.¬†Yet no matter who DOES it, it is my RESPONSIBILITY to¬†see that it gets done and to deliver¬†them to their respective places¬†with appropriate clothes, shoes, outerwear, food, etc. Same with dinners. ¬†And this week, I don’t have car pool, I don’t have Responsibilities. I just have regular work and myself to care for. Husband has classes every night, so I don’t even have him.

2. I’ve lost 32 lbs since the beginning of the year. And as much as I would like to live in the future and figure out when I will have lost more, I need to stop and say, hey, I LOST 32 lbs! That’s not insignificant. And that is an average of better than 10 lbs a month. So that’s fantastic. Even if I can’t maintain it, the longer I CAN maintain it, the sooner I will be to my 100 lbs off goal (and then to my 175 lbs off goal)!

3. I got my hair trimmed yesterday!

4. I closed two cases last month (remember those mediations?) bringing in more than 1 million dollars to our firm. And today, we got signatures completed on the agreements for the first of those.

5. In March, I also got elected to the board of a national organization for my field.

6. In March, I also started teaching the ladies Bible class at my church, and we have gone from 15 people the first Sunday to nearly 50 because everyone keeps bringing a friend because “this is such a good class.” Which makes me feel awesome.

7. Today, I got asked to speak for a national program on the OTHER side of my field – in other words, to defense counsel – and so my name is getting out there more.

8. My family.

9. This weekend is Easter and we have really cute outfits to wear! And mine is smaller than last year!

10. I should get some time alone this week, which I really, really need. ūüôā


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