in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Last night, I finally had the time to charge up my old phone and input my “Weight History” into Target Weight.  On the one hand, I could have saved time if I had just copied it over, but I had already taken down service to the old phone.  And on the other hand, it was actually pretty cool to sit there and input my daily weights for the last 85 days or so. I didn’t have a weight for every day, but it was pretty close. And I noticed three interesting things:

First, in my mind, I have had a much steadier drop rate than has actually happened. In reality, my weight has gone spikey-spike-spike all year – a whoosh of a couple pounds, then back up but not as high, then gradually trending back to the whoosh weight over a couple days. Now, I have NO idea why I lose that way (more on this in a minute) but it also was striking and made me realize…

Second, THIS spikey-spike thing has AVERAGED into more than ten pounds a month so far.  Now, I knew that averages were funny things. And I had formed the thought that my rate of loss so far was 10 lbs a month (hallelujah!) but what I didn’t realize was that in summarizing my loss to date in my mind, I was also erasing all the inconvenient memories of how I got there. In other words, once I converted the thought to “I’ve done 1o lbs a month or so” then my memory of my DAILY weights became likewise smoothed out in my head. And that means…

Third, that means that even though NOW I am having spikey-spike spikes, it is still ENTIRELY possible for me to be maintaining the 10/month average. In fact, only time (and CONSISTENCY and PATIENCE) will tell. So when I ranted the other day about how I was tired of geting the same number? Yeah, well, I am working on that.

So, on to the stats. With the whoosh yesterday, I went to 32 lbs down. But last night was sushi dinner for daughter’s birthday (her pick) and I had a roll with rice. For whatever reason, sushi rolls never seem to kick off cravings, but they do have en0ugh carb to give me a little bloat. To my pleasant surprise, either because I walked my tail off yesterday (in preparation for sushi), my weight was only up to 292 today – still not back to the 293.4 to 294.5  range it was in pre-whoosh. And I feel pretty good that the water will go away today, but we’ll see. In any case, I know the whoosh was real!

With the 292 factored in, my stats look like this:

For ALL (85 days) I have lost 33 lbs for a rate of 2.7/week – which puts me at next goal (282) on April 24.

For the last month (4 weeks) I have lost 2.9 lbs for a rate of .7/week – putting me at 282 on July 4. (YIKES).

For the last two weeks, I have lost 1 lb, for a rate of .5/week – putting me at 282 on 8/16. (DOUBLE YIKES).

So it’s really good I had those insights above, otherwise I would be all freaked out. Obviously things have kind of slowed down, but on the other hand, this is The Week Before and I am reasonably sure I will get more whooshes. But you know what is freeing? Freedom is knowing it does NOT MATTER – if I chug away at .5/lbs a week, I am STILL going the right direction and I am STILL not changing what I am doing because that decision is made. Because if I had NOT already decided to do this for a year, no matter what, I would be tempted to start asking “is .5/week WORTH these sacrifices?”

Well, how can you answer that fairly without trying it out for a while, right? So nothing changes until next year. Period.


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