in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

So I complained yesterday, and today the scale said: 290

That makes 32 lbs down. And since I still haven’t had a chance to input my weight history, it gives me a GREAT looking slope on TargetWeight, ha!

290 is very exciting, because it is a scant step away – one tenth of a pound, even – from seeing a 280-something – which is something that I am pretty sure I have not seen since mah son was born, perhaps before – I did not weigh a lot between 270 and starting Medifast, lol. EIGHT pounds away from forty pounds lost for-eva.

So this morning, I was musing about the fact that I feel squishy all over. I have heard a lot of other people talk about this, and I have experienced it before, though not quite so strikingly, and that got me thinking about…. loose skin!


Now, before you get all panicky, I have something actually new to talk about on the subject – new to me, anyway.  In my random blog hopping on weight loss blogs, I read something semi-recently that was interesting – tried to find it today to link it to no avail but I will try again. Basically, it is a doctor who says that the “loose skin” a lot of people have if they lose a gargantuan amount of weight is NOT due to the skin not being able to shrink back, but rather due to the fat that there is STILL FAT under there. The basic idea (and I SO wish I was WP savvy enough to draw this out) is this:

Imagine a fat roll. (Yeah, gross.) It is thin skin on top of a pile of fat cells, right?

So when you lose the fat from underneath it, it gets collapsy and saggy and squishy and whatnot. (Still gross, but hey, moving in the right direction.)

But it kind of starts with the big PILE of fat cells shrinking. There is still fat in the fat cells right up next to the skin, so the skin can’t start shrinking until THAT fat is also gone. Think of it like an expanded balloon that you fill with gel. Even if you dump out the middle of the gel, the balloon won’t UNSTRETCH until you have squeezed out all the gel (fat) from the underside. It will be soggy and soft but it can’t shrink, because there is gel (fat) stuck to the underside.

The “proof” of this, per this random posting, is that skin is actually very thin – minus that fat layer underneath – pinch up the skin on the back of your hand (which doesn’t have much underlying fat) and you will see what he means. That also seems to square with reports from people who swear that skin brushing helps with loose skin – the brushing would help break up the subskin cellulite/fat and get it moving.

What’s the point of this? Not much, really – except (a) where I have been more focused on moisturizing, I am now thinking that dry skin brushing or loofa would be a better use of my skin care time (or at least a good thing to incorporate); (b) this gives me hope that I won’t get all this weight off and have to contend with skin surgery, but I totally would consider it if the extra skin was super gross; and (c) I am actually happy about the squishy feeling, since it means the fat is going away! 🙂


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