in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Cue balloons!

Whoo hoo!

When you hit your “target weight” on TargetWeight, it gives you a giant screen full of multicolored balloons and a pop up that says “Congratulations! You hit your TargetWeight!” and to make it go away, you hit a button that says “Eat well and be healthy” or something like that. Then you get to “pop” the balloons by touching them. So when I hit 291.4 (THAT’S THIRTY POUNDS AND SIX-TENTHS EXTRA FOR GOOD MEASURE, PEOPLE!) I tried to save the balloons so I could have someone at work take a photo and post it here, but when I logged back in, my balloons were all gone. /sadface So you will just have to settle for this:


That’s the third mini-goal down – and if I break it up by 10 lb increments, I want to do this 17 and a half times, so that’s 3/17.5, or about 17% of the way to goal. 🙂 Hey, I’ll take it!!

Stats today:

All: 30.6 lost in 78 days, average of 2.7/week. At this rate, I make 282 on 4/15/12.

Last 4 weeks: 8.7 lost, average of 2.2/week, will make 282 on 4/21/12.

Last 2 weeks: lost 3.6, average of 1.8/week, will make 282 on 4/27/12.


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