in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Sorry about that, folks – pollen count here is literally over 8,000 (yes, when 250 is “extremely high”) and I am dragging around.  Yesterday was not busy enough to warrant not doing my update, but I was just too dang slow.

Sunday night, I made yummy kale chips for the kids – they scarf those things down like they are candy – and ate some as my “green” – which was totally fine, on plan, etc. Only as I knew it would, the salt stuck with me overnight and between the salty kale chips and the fact that I hardly ever get to drink water during the weekend (and it is HOT here now!) I am retaining about 1.4 lbs of water.

So here’s how it looks, taking the current (yesterday) weight of 294.4 as the low:

Overall: Lost 27.6 lbs in 76 days, for a rate of 2.5/week.  That’s 8.2 in the last 4 weeks, rate of 2.0/week, or .7 in the last two weeks, average of .3/week. That last number, while irritating, is false because (a) I’ve lost 1.4 more than that, and (b) This is this new weird hold your weight steady for days thing that I am doing. Which is all good – in fact, a little easier to handle, but still weird.

In the NSV department –

  1. I went to Wally World today at lunch and replaced my horrible pull up jeans with horrible pull up capri pants, one size smaller. 🙂 (I am NOT interested in having oodles of cute clothes at this size – just need some functional go-to-work pants and tshirts).
  2. I also got several $5 t-shirts (like, 5 or 6) and they WERE WALMART SIZE XL – a 16/18, people!! 🙂
  3. Remember how I ordered the pretty Eliza Parker dresses for my formal event in April? Well, the purple 18/20 FITS me. It is a tiny bit tight in the sleeves, but hell, I have another MONTH, so I am keeping it and the red is going back (perhaps to trade in for a 14/16 wish dress…) 🙂 I am SO excited about that!
  4. This weekend is a (different) semi-formal event, and I am going to be ROCKING my Avenue 22/24 somewhat fitted dress. AND I am planning to find fabulous cute pumps to go with it. 🙂
  5. Had a great Girls’ Night Out on Saturday night, enjoyed two glasses of wine with dinner and a glass of port when others had dessert, had a nice steak with garlic spinach and ignored the roasted potatoes, DID NOT EVEN THINK about cheating.
  6. VERY happy with how little interest I have in cheating, in fact – because I KNOW I am on the way! 🙂

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