in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


So I have been waiting (more or less patiently) for the whoosh that is supposed to come with my period. Ahem. So far, no whoosh. Not sure if that’s because the whoosh happened whilst I was traveling (and not weighing in) or because (contrary to the way I felt) I just wasn’t retaining much water this time. In any event, I went five days (DAYS, PEOPLE!) at 295 and now I have gone TWO days at 294.4.

So I will observe that (a) this is lower than 295; (b) this is five pounds and then some lower than the 299 I was so pleased with; (c) even if there is no whoosh this month, I am moving in the right direction.

I will also say this, in the NSV department: today, I am comin-atcha-live from a mediation – typing this out between counteroffers. This particular mediation is a continuation of one that started January 11 – about 60 days ago – when I was barely started at all in this Journey. And here I am, back at the same place with the same people, only now:

1. my suit (the first one I wore the first day last time) is LOOSE, not tight, even if I didn’t have on mah spanx (which I am still wearing, since I hate panty hose (who does not?) and they smooth me out and keep me from worrying about teh jiggles. 🙂

2. I had NO interest in cheating by eating some of the sandwich bread, cookies, or even fruit that cover this place. Nope. I had the innards of a roast beef sandwich and some coffee. Can’t figure out why last time I thought this stuff was the end all. Now it looks blechy and certainly NOT worth it.

3. I fit a LOT better in these chairs. Like, they are roomy now.

4. I didn’t get out of breath coming across the street from parking.

5. I walked up the front steps without holding on to anything – not gracefully yet, but I did it. Despite the heels and the fact that it was raining.

6. when I came in off the elevator, the front desk people (2 ladies) were all “Oh, wow, don’t you look nice!” and “looking good, Ms. ___” and “pulling out all the stops today, huh?” and so on – despite the fact that this is the SAME suit, people! And it is a big (OK a LOT, if you look closely) baggy!

7. Best of all, I just got a nice compliment from our mediator, who tells me I just look so much healthier than the last time he saw me (in Jan.). In case you are wondering, I did NOT choose to explain that this is because i stopped stuffing my gullet with carbs and wine, I just said thanks. 🙂
But the really neat thing about that is, I was wondering when people would be able to notice – not just “tell” when I tell them/show them my clothes, and today was a huge validation that even though I am not so much smaller that they are like “WOW, you have lost a TON of weight!” I am still enough smaller that they say “wow, you look amazing! so healthy!” 🙂

I will take it and be very happy. But I really, really, REALLY want to see a 280 something on the scale soon!! Must persevere!


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  1. The “You look healthier” comments are so cool! I wonder if it’s partly because people are sometimes afraid to say anything about weight, for a number of reasons. I had a few people happily say “You’ve lost a TON of weight!”, then look flustered and hurriedly follow up with “You aren’t sick or anything, are you?” Others have told me that they feel worried about it being regarded as none of their business. Anyways, congrats! Nice NSV’s!

  2. You’re doing great!! Very happy for you! 🙂

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