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Moanday 031212

Well, I have good-ish news. First, I maintained 295.0 exactly for five days, then went to visit my parents and came back super late last night and weighed in today at 294.4. This is significant because (a) even MAINTAINING at my parent’s house is a victory; and (b) i am super bloated from water retention/dehydration from the trip. So I am hoping that after pushing water for the next few days, I get another drop. 🙂

Here’s how it looks:

For the last two weeks (including all the PMS bloat and travel and with only a few weigh ins because I was gone): lost 2.3 lbs, average of 1.2 lbs/week. At this rate, I am at my next goal of 289 by 4/13/12.

For the last four weeks, lost 9 lbs for an average of 2.3/week and would get to 289 by 3/29/12.

For the entire period (68 days!), down 27.6 lbs. average of 2.8/week – would get to goal by 3/25/12.

Taking that all into account I am hoping to hit goal (289) on or before my DD’s birthday of March 28, 2012. 🙂

Other good news:

  • the dress I want to wear to a fancy shindig on March 23 fits now – should be even better in a couple weeks but it is wearable right this second!
  • said dress is an Avenue 22/24!
  • I really think these numbers are skewed because of my travel bloat, but even so, I should be solidly in the 280s by the end of the month, so hurray!

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  1. Great job! Traveling and losing is fantastic! Also, great progress!

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