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Kitteh in a Monkeh Suit

I a spoiled kitteh – because I work for myself, I get to wear jeans (or worse) most days, even though I a lawyer. But several times a month, kitteh has to suit up and go battle people who wear suits all the time, so it is important to look like you can “play with the big boys.”  Since I am a very curvy kitteh, even at 300 lbs, I started ordering custom suits a while back.

Last week, one of the best parts (OK, possibly the ONLY good part) about suitin up for four separate meetings wif teh FBI and stuffs was… allllll my suits were baggy! Not “can’t be seen in this” baggy, but definitely not “custom made for you” by a long shot. I have already had them cut down a couple of times, so it really was time to order new and just start over. You can only cut them down so much before the fabric starts to hang funny, and I am there already on all mah suits.

So today, I met wif teh Suit Lady. She measured me and in about six weeks, I should have a new suit. I went with the most cheepest (which meant limited fabric choice) – and skirt only. It will be a very dark navy (almost black) with a very fine triple pinstripe.

Since that is a solid six weeks away, possibly longer, I will be another 12-24 lbs down!

Suit ladeh agreed to make the measurements close as possible so hopefully it won’thave to be INSTANTLy altered.

I so excited!




Comments on: "Kitteh in a Monkeh Suit" (2)

  1. I know I just commented on your previous post, but I also want to say that this is awesome. 🙂

    I need to go to a tailor too, but I always put it off, rationalizing that I may lose more weight, yadayadayada. What you’re doing is taking care of yourself, AND giving yourself rewards for your progress. Very smart. Also smart thinking, about making sure to get as good a fit as possible because you will be smaller in 6 weeks! At this rate, for certain!

  2. Good for you!! Keep it up, Kitteh! LOL

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