in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Howdy, all! I was out of the office ALL of last week at Horrible Business Meetings and when I was home, I was dead tired and fighting to stay awake long enough to get the must-do chores done, so apologies for my absence. On the bright side, I was very virtuous, so it wasn’t shame keeping me away. 🙂

Here are my stats:

For ALL 61 days I have been doing this, I have lost 26.8 lbs, for an average of 3.1 lbs per week. I hit my below 299 for at least a week target on Friday (March 2) and celebrated with low carb chicken parm and salad. 🙂

For the last TWO weeks, I have lost 9.4 lbs, for an average of 4.7 lbs/week.

For the last FOUR weeks, which pulls in my little venture in earely Februrary of pouting and eating big dinner helpings, I go to an average of only 2.1 lbs/week. Hmm.

In other news…

  1. I am firmly back in ketosis, burning fat to the point that I don’t get super hungry anymore.
  2. I am majorly hormonal this week. Dealing with it by eating Medifast pancakes with zero calorie maple syrup and of course my beloved brownie with teaspoon of peanut (or other nut) butter at night. Also lots of hot tea. But I am also excited because I can tell that the water weight has started, and it is always fun to see the plunging numbers when you lose the water weight and “uncover” the amount you managed to lose while you were squishing in your shoes. 🙂 Also, cutting back on salty things to try to help with the retaining.
  3. My suits, which I drug out for the business meetings, are all toooooo big. I wore them, but they were baggy. I am going to get a new one (called the tailor already!) and hope I can scrape by with one new one, business casual, and the baggy stuff for a while. 🙂
  4. This is starting to really sink in – I am losing weight. The closer I get to 30 lbs down, the more real it seems.
  5. When I get to 292, I will be down 10% of my body weight. That’s less than 3 lbs away! W00t!
  6. My next goal after that will be 289, and since starting this blog I have never been below where I am now, so I am SUPER excited about seeing how fast this goes!!!!! Hoping in time for new spring (or at least summer) clothes!!
  7. Speaking of, this weekend I bought two spring sweaters on major sale – in a 1x!!!! And they fit nicely! That’s from the 3x I was buying in the fall.

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  1. Those are awesome statistics! Congratulations! You’re on a roll now!

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