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Moanday Monitoring 022712

Well, I told you I would not count a goal as “met” until I held it for seven days in a row. That is the most draconian view I could come up with, much better than the “it counts the second I TOUCH that number” and even stricter than the “holds for at least three days.” Seven days at or below means it is for REALZ, right?

Well, I am starting to get excited because this is the FOURTH day I have been 299 or below. In fact, today, I am at 296.2!!!!

Here’s my current stats:

For the period ALL, I have lost 25.8 lbs in 54 days, for a rate of 3.3 lbs/week.

For the last two weeks, I have done a bit better: 7.2 lbs for a rate of 3.6 lbs/week.

For the four weeks, where I am still impacted by the not very strict first two weeks of February, I show 10 lbs, for an average of 2.5 lbs/week. Still not too shabby.

The cool thing? If I “take” today’s weight of 296.2 as if it were real (and I have been steadily dropping, so maybe…?!) I am just 3.4 lbs from my first 10% goal of 32 lbs lost.

That would be a MAJOR w00t!

In other resultsy news, I wore my favorite brown dress to church yesterday and it was hanging off me, too, so off it went into the goodwill bag. When I reach my 10% goal, which conceivably could coincide with “counting” my 299 goal, I am going to buy a new outfit that actually fits. And there will be great rejoicing. 🙂


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  1. Good news all around!! You’re doing great! 🙂

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