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Well, after beseiging you with three posts on Moanday, I apparently did not post anything yesterday. Yesterday wa a fairly noneventful day, diet wise, and a busy one, work-wise, so that should explain it. I did get up yesterday back at 301 and I did feel good that I could and would do four strict weeks and blast through another decade of fat. And by decade I mean 10 lbs.  And relax, I will tell you all about it – after I do my happy dance for a moment. 🙂

OK, so you know how when you step on a digital scale, then depending on the model it either goes blank for a moment and then registers or (as is the case with my New Scale) it runs through numbers, up and down a bit, until it “sticks” somewhere? New Scale takes a while to do this, too – I feel like it is the Biggest Loser Weigh in or something (and I do not LIKE it) and if I lean forward to look at it before it sticks, then I see it run UP as I lean forward and DOWN as I lean back. ARG.

Well, as long as I have had New Scale, when i lean over to peek it has run up and down around 310 to 306 – even if it settles on 301 or whatever. It has always teased around the 305 medium.

Today, I leaned over to peek and saw a run of numbers that MOSTLY STARTED WITH A 2!!!!!!

As I leaned forward, on the most UP part, it hit 300.5, and then I leaned back as fast as I could, my heart pounding and tried to wait long enough. I leaned forward again and it did the SAME THING AGAIN -going from a fast run of 2-somethings to 300.5 as I leaned over. ARG! So I took six deep breaths and looked down and it had finally settled on…..


Now, let me just get this out of the way and off my chest:

  1. that’s not my goal – my goal is still .4 away
  2. even when I get to 299.0 or lower, I have to hold it (or something lower) for seven days before I will count it as “reached”
  3. but it felt REALLLLY good to see a two there on the scale

And even though *I* know that had I not changed scales, I would be at 292.9 right now (299.4-6.5), but LIL KITTEH believes that you have been in the 300s For.Ev.Er. and so really there’s not much point in this whole thing right, so why don’t you just go back to giving me whatever I want? In other words, I can haz cheesburger? 🙂

So – perspective. I have positive happy affirmation that this is STILL working, and I am STILL making progress – measurable progress. I’m not done, and it could be faster, but it could be slower too so I will rejoice while the rejoicin’ is good.

Back to yesterday. Yesterday was my most successful “lunch out” day so far. I went to eat with two old friends from my education days that i have started a regular lunch, every month or so, deal with and we met as we always do at Longhorn. I ordered grilled chicken and portabella, salad with blue cheese on the side, and a sweet potato no sugar. I ate pretty much all of that (except onions and crutons) and had a packet about 3 hours later, maybe a bit more – before I was “really” hungry like I would have been if I had eaten packet only, but on schedule. Then I had one more packet before leaving, a packet for dinner, and my usual decadant brownie with peanut butter and hot tea for dessert after bedtime. SO relaxing and satisfying. So I was overall short one packet for the day, but that was more because I had first meal about an hour later than usual (no school for Daughter) and timed everything a bit later.

Overall, I kept my hands off the yummy ham and egg casserole we served the kids, and did not go crazeh with the food after bedtime either, nor did I touch DH’s port when he got home. I even went to bed at a reasonableish hour.


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  1. Woot-woot!! Good for you mama! 😛

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