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Moanday 022012

I am curiously satisfied with my weekend. Here’s what happened:

First, I was able to wear (and got a lot of compliments on!) a dress I wore for Easter in 2009, a few months after Son was born.  It’s a shirtwaist, and the buttons across the belly/hips had been pulling, and the arms had been too tight. Well, it fit nicely. I had no less than four people (all men, even!) say I looked “lovely”, “cute”, “mighty adorable” and “ravishing” at church, and that doesn’t even count the family’s reaction. I think this may have something to do with the fact that the dress is bright purple, a good color for a strawberry blonde, and I wore it with lime green jewelry, so I was definitely eye catching. But it is funny to me that I cut my hair off (from mid back to above the shoulders) about four weeks ago, but most people at church didn’t notice until this week.

Second, I had a perfect “relaxing” weekend, foodwise. By that, I mean I had a nice balance of “break” and “indulgence” with “resisting” and “virtue.” 🙂 No binging at all. Went out to dinner on Friday night with family and (because I had lunch with a friend) did not eat anything at restaurant. On Saturday, I was solidly on plan all day, and for my meal I had a higher calorie option than I would allow myself during the week. I had salad with blue cheese (but not much, too rich); parmesan chicken; and some very buttery vegetables, but the veggies were my sub for the pasta side (which I used to get as fettucini alfredo!) and I did not eat even ONE of the delicous buttery garlic rolls (which are about 800 calories each, that’s how deliciously fat-ified they are).  Saturday night, I had wine with my games with the husband and friends (for realz online MMO gaming, get your minds out of the gutter!) and that is an indulgence I have not allowed myself since December. It was lovely and totally relaxing.  Sunday, back on plan all day, completely did not eat at the after-church restaurant visit with friends (!),  made BBQ in crockpot (which I have been craving for weeks) and ate a bowl of it without a bun, along with roasted broccoli and sauteed leeks (two new recipes, both yummy and hits with both kiddos as well as me!) and Sunday night was more wine and MMO and STILL no binging.

So today I am all feelin-good and rested and relaxed and I did not weigh in (today is no school day and although I did not get to sleep in, I did not have to rush out the door either and by the time I was showering, it was over an hour later than usual and had already enjoyed coffee) but I AM ready to be re-focused. I feel like I finally had that “break” from being ultra tight that I was wanting – note to self, apparently drinking wine works BETTER for that than food coma!) and while I don’t want to turn to drinking as an escape from binging (!) I do think it will be a lot easier to recover from than would be binging!!

So I had been toying with the idea of making it one month strict, then the next more relaxed, mainly because, hell, it’s Feb. 20 already, the month is nearly gone. But the weekend was so VERY satisfying that my plan now is to be uber strict again for another four weeks, then see if I am ready for another relaxed weekend. 🙂 So Feb 20-Mar 16 is uber strict for me, which is great because I have a wonderful Geeky Girls Night Out planned for Mar 17 with friends, and that will be a perfect time to take a break. 🙂

To be clear, I am not talking about binging. I am not even talking about allowing the heavy carb load into my mouth that leads to cravings. I am just talking about eating (drinking) more calories than I normally allow myself.

I feel very defiant putting this out there, but there it is. That’s my plan. It feels very workable.


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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend! Good for you for passing up all the temptations, that must’ve felt great! 🙂

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