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Moanday 021312

My “All” stats say that I have lost 18.2 lbs in 40 days, or about 3.2 per week.

Looking at just the last 2 weeks, I have lost 2.4 lbs in 14 days and averaged 1.2/week.

Looking at the last 4 weeks only, I have lost 4.3 in 29 days, an average of 1.1/week.

Now, two important things. First, on Friday, I was at 301. Yes, on the new scale. And my stats were MUCH better.

Second, the reason my weight was up to 303.8 this morning is not completely a fluke. You see, this weekend, I ate off plan.

It started with oranges. I bought a huge sack of naval oranges last Friday. My daughter has been sucking them down, two and three a day. I have been peeling them, and on Wednesday I had *a* slice of one with my dinner. I looked it up: 80 calories or so in the whole thing, so no biggie, rigth? Then Thursday I had three slices. On Friday, I had my own orange. And that night, I had some almonds. And some wine.

On Saturday, I went out with DH for annivalentines (our first date was on February 9, 21 years ago) and actually was very GOOD during the eating out part of the evening. Well, let me back up. The first part of the day, I went shopping for groceries and got kale to make kale chips. I figured I could have those as “greens” and had an inkling that the kids would like them, which they did. I had about a serving of them out of the oven, for somewhere around 58 calories (and in no wise 100 calories).  Then we went to a steak house that somehow in the last year since we have been there has turned into a steak and SEAFOOD house. The only things on the menu someone like me (with a shellfish allergy) could eat was the steak itself and a “field salad” and for a side, spinach. Are you seeing  a green theme here? I did have a glass of wine. Then we saw Girl with Dragon Tatoo (loved) and came home and DH scampered off to his man cave because he had problems with his computer that needed addressing. Since watching him work on his computer is about as much fun as watching paint dry, I stayed on the main floor and watched some TV. And had more wine.  And then, inexplicably, I had four squares of pizza left over from my kids’ dinner. (Homemade. I wish I could say not very tasty but it was really very good.) I don’t know what to tell you. I was hungry for real, but I could have had a brownie, as usual, or something else. I really wanted something naughty.

Sunday, I planned to turn it around. I was on plan for my first two packets, then ate turnip fries for my third meal (another experiment with kiddos) and willfully put back the salad I was planning to serve with my BBQ chicken and put mine on a wrap, just like DH’s. It was tasty (and it was a low carb wrap) and I ignored the chips, but then I came down after dinner and ate 10 bite sized chocolate pieces. Then I went downstairs and played games with DH and had two more glasses of wine and an uncounted number of his BBQ almonds. Then I came back up and had a glass of port and used the leftover chicken to make a sandwich.

Which brings me to this morning. My weight was up (shockingly) by 3.8 lbs – well, it’s shocking it wasn’t up more, actually. My head hurt when i woke up, and I am much more focused on food than I have been in weeks.  And while I type all this out, part of me – (Lil Kitteh on steroids?) is roid raging, saying SHE WOULD DO IT AGAIN AT THE FIRST CHANCE SHE GETS. What the hell?

Well, too bad, Lil Kitteh. you cannot have your way any more. I am taking back over. Now you have to go through withdrawal all over again, good job. AND  YOU WILL GO THROUGH WITHDRAWAL AGAIN.  And you will have to cope with it, sweetie pie, EVERY SINGLE TIME you cheat. So factor that in to your future deviations.

More in another post on what I think was going on in my head, but for now, that’ll do.


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  1. Just keep on going forward. You may have fallen off track on your diet but don’t give up.
    Making mistakes is part of the process. In due time you will be able to achieve what you are aiming for.

    Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales

    btw. I am hosting a giveaway in my blog. you should join

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