in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Moanday monitoring 013012

For the last two weeks, I have lost 2.7 lbs, for an average rate of 1.7 lbs/week. I’m still 6.4 to target (299) and “at this rate can reach target on 2/22/12.”

If you go by the entire month of January, I have lost 16.6 lbs, at a rate of 5.1/week, and I should reach target on 2/5/12.

The truth is probably somewhere in between.

What’s working well:

  1. Packets. This eating plan just rocks for me. When I deviate, I regret it.
  2. T-Tapp. I feel better and my knees are infintely more functional.

What’s not working as well:

  1. Lean and green meals – one of the big differences between weeks 1 and 2 and weeks 3 and 4 (besides the novelty, the water loss, and hormones) was the amount of liberty I took with dinner. Fact is, I lose faster if I eat a TRUE “lean and green” dinner. It ain’t as much fun, and it causes me more work, but if I want to lose faster, that’s how it has to be. I’ve planned meals for this week to capitalize on this,.
  2. Eating my “L&G meal” at lunch. Leaves me hungry at night, not hungry for my middle day packet, and basically tampers with my day more than I want. I think I’m better off doing this as LITTLE as possible right now, while it is all still relatively new.
  3. T-Tapp. It is a great workout and helps a lot with my rehab needs, but I am not burning many calories as if I were doing something more cardio. Planning to try adding in WAtP a couple times a week this week and see what that does for me.

The weekend experiment was having more carbs at dinner on Saturday – 2 “slices” (really squares) of homemade pizza that I made for my kids. Experiment was a success, in that it was a total failure. The bright side: I felt so horrible after that I mentally did not want to ever touch bread again, and I counted the calories to make sure I stayed within parameters.  But it left me feeling tired for two days – groggy, even – and of course I saw the immediate scale bloat because of the water. Result: All calories really are NOT created equal.

And more importantly? I am starting to FEEL how much better it feels to eat this way.


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