in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Progress, of a sort

Remember yesterday, how I was raging at the new scale?

Today, the same scale showed me at 305.4. Not only is that a 2.2 lb loss, it would have been 298.9 on the old scale.

Some great day, kitteh will know, in her gut that each day’s weigh in is meaningless on its own – whether up or down – worth no more than a passing glance. Right now, I know that in my head, but my heart and my Lil Kitteh are both still VERY worried that I am “broken.” LK wants to see every “up” as The Sign that will finally persuade Mama Kitteh that DIS NOT WURKIN, I am never going to make real progress, and I am destined to be the same weight forEVer – and if that is true, then why am I torturing Little Kitteh wif all dis sstooopid discipline stuffs?

By the same token, Mama Kitteh wants to use every down as a reason to extraopolate all over again to “when will I get to x or y weight, or size, or what will I look like by April, or May, or next Tuesday.” This is equally in vain, I’m afraid. Because one weight, on its own, doesn’t mean much.

But you know what DOES? Size. Size matters, folks, in a serious way. And yesterday, after ranting at the screen for a while, I took LK over to buy new jeans. And guess what? Down another size from the ones I bought in mid-December. 

I’m wearing ’em right now. I’ll take THAT over pounds on the scale any day of the week.


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