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Got a new scale…

I’d planned to wait to buy one, but then when walking out at Walgreens after obtaining drugs for sick kiddos (strep) I saw a scale rated to 330 lbs on sale for $10, so I bought it. Then I started the trauma of converting scales. 🙂

The good news is, I weighed last night and again this morning on both old and new scales, and the spread was the same both times. The bad news is, it was at 6.5+ on the new. Of course, had it been a drop, I would have kept it wihtout comment 😉 but since it is a plus, I went ahead and added 6.5 to all my past weights so that I can go to the new scale without messing up my cute little line on TargetWeight with a random jump. And as my friend said, at least earlier rather than later in the process. 🙂

On the bright side, the scale is rated to 330 and brand new, so I expect precision in daily weights if not accuracy, which means I can determine if my weight really IS swinging as wildly as it appears. Also, this scale shows tenths of a pound instead of halves, so I should see results more regularly.

The only downside is the +6.5, which means that as of today I am at 307.6 (another random “up”) and have 8.6 to go to get to target 299. Iz VERRA AGGAVATIN after being within a pound of it for so long.


Also aggabatin in the fact that my “last two week” report now shows me losing less than a pound a week, because of all the ups and downs and bouncies. The slope is almost FLAT.

Trying to talk myself into being DETERMINED instead of ANGRY, I have lectured Lil Kitteh that:

That’s still a loss – quit and you will be same or even headed up again, which is not acceptable.

If you want to try and go faster, you have options – burn more calories by getting back to WATP instead of just T-Tapp, drop the 50-100 cal of peanut butter you have been putting on your night time brownie, drop the cheese entirely from dinner. I think for now, I am going to try one and two.

And: it isn’t like you have a better option, or that whinging makes it easier or faster, so (lovingly, Lil Kitteh) I say, shut it.



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