in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Kitteh Readz

I haven’ t talked about it here, but Kitteh’s fullscale war on body fat was proceeded by a fullscale war on my home, which I call “The Purge.” Casa del Kitteh was suffering at least as much as mah bawdy from the horrors of me being out of commission for three years and barely at half power for another two. So I spent two full weeks and then some at the end of the year cleaning out closets, garage, storage areas, and teh Boi Domane in teh Bazement and though I was pleased with the results, teh work continues on and on and on… At least now, Casa del Kitteh is highly functioning and the main areas (pantry, kid toyz, garage, mah clozet) are all streamlined and cleaned. Now it is just some one-off projects as I perfect things.

Anyhoo, one of the results of the Purge is that every weekend, I make sure that the two Crap Magnet areas of the house are cleaned out. One Crap Magnet is my* sitting room off the master bedroom, where my DH piles crap if I don’t watch him closely. This weekend’s clean out resulted in him having to hang a work jacket, put a pair of pants in the (newly created, so he is excused for not knowing) Donate Spot (which I am cleaning out once a week), and me having to sew a seam rip on another pair of his slacks. The other Crap Magnet is the corner of my kitchen, which inexplicably attracts crap from every single person who crosses our threshhold. I have tried to tame it during The Purge by putting in two benches under the window with cubbies:

They hold backpacks, lunchboxes and snackboxes not in use as well as cubes containing extra water bottles (always a premium at Casa del Kitteh) and games we play at/after dinner. Behind the one closest to the wall, in a tiny space covered between the bench and the china cabinet, I store rain boots – easy to find and out of sight of the 3 YO Boy who otherwise wants them at inappropriate times.

So in CM2, teh bench area, this weekend was a giant rubber tub of books that were mine and had been returned to me from my mommy when I was home last weekend. I went through them and put them into either the “send to bazement libary” stack, the “donate/sell” stack, or the “read again and then decide” stack. Pretty much everything in the last stack was related to the psychology of eating/overeating and I decided to scan through them before (most likely) dumping them.

This morning, I thought, why not review them here? That will give me blog post fodder, plus a chance to capture anything useful from them before I ditch ’em, and perhaps a chance to help you, Gentle Reader, in your own quest.

So today, I’m posting the books I found. Cast your vote for which ones you care about (if any!) and I will read them in that order and post tips on here as I find them!

I’ll caution you that (as you may know) Kitteh iz religious and some of these are Bible based, and I know some of you are not. The ones that are completely secular for sure are Act Thin, Stay Thin (that guy was the psychological director of Weight Watchers Int back in the day), the Dr. Phil one of course, and the “Solution” one.

Any interest in any of these? If not I will be doing whatevs I feel like 🙂


*Yes, MINE. Lest you feel sorry for him, DH has the ENTIRE BASEMENT, about 2,000 square feet, to call his own. The little room under the eaves and over the garage is ALL MINE.


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