in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Cheese is my Frenemy

I have no idea if I spelled that right, but you get the idea, right?

I have known for years that when I eat cheese, I retain water. Not just a little bit of water, either – literally POUNDS of the stuff. As in, the day after a cheesy dinner, I will weigh pounds heavier. I have no real idea why that should be – is cheese salty, even though I don’t really taste salt in it?  I have a mild whey allergy, so the nutritionist I saw years ago attibuted it to the whey in cheese, but it doesn’t upset my stomach or anything.

The problem is, I ADORE cheese. I could eat rocks, if they came with cheese.

MMMMmmmmm. …. cheese…..

What? Oh. Ahem. Sorry.

So anyway. I have been sporadically weighing myself in the mornings, because I knew full well that my 12 lb drop was an abberation and I was wondering just how much I actually lost – so that I don’t get too upset when my official Monday weight is not more than 12 lbs down. And the readings I got were 304 (Monday afternoon, but that’s off because it was late afternoon) 301 (Tues morning), and 300.5  (Wednesday morning).

Last night, we had an egg casserole for dinner – very low carb, but with dairy (cheese and a splash of cream to make it fluffy) and I also had jicama.  It also had cubed ham, which was also salty. It was nummy and cheesy and a hit with the kiddos, even (!) and did I mention the cheese?

MMMMmmmmm. …. cheese…..

What? Oh. Ahem. Sorry again.

This morning, my weight said 302!!  Up from 305.5 yesterday!!!  ARG.

I’m pleased to say that I do not even remotely want to give up entirely, or smash all my eggs. But I can see that cheese for me is like that horrible boy you had a crush on in junior  high, the one you moon over and stalk and pretend is your pillow and practice kissing, and write enumerable horrible sappy notes to that, if you are very lucky, you never send because once he knows how you feel he will do something truly horrifying like laugh. That’s right, I’m pretty sure that cheese is looking at all my sappy happy love drool and laughing.

Well, so be it.

Fortunately for my sanity, I am POSITIVE that I am smaller, and I feel a TON better, and (warning: TMI coming) I am sure from the smell of my pee that I am in ketosis, which is where weight loss occurs. 🙂 So, suck it, cheese. I am getting smaller whether or not you artificially inflate my scale.

And if you are keeping score at home, that 302 still means I am down 2 lbs from the first weigh in, and 13.5 overall in less than three weeks. 🙂


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