in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Tuesday Thinspiration

Can’t believe it is my third Thursday already.

Today is the first day I am trying the “eat lunch and packet for dinner” day. I had a lunch date with a friend, where I ate 5 oz of steak and steamed veggies and a salad (no crutons, onions, and just a tiny bit of dressing on the fork). Tonight I expect I will be rather peckish. 🙂

So, here’s a happy thought. I am already able to tell a HUGE difference in  how I feel – both in that I FEEL better, and the way my body feels to the touch. As to the former, my knees and feet hurt less at the end of the day and I stand up out of bed in the morning without wanting to scream. 🙂 As to the latter, my belly is a LOT smaller (apparently all 21 lbs came off of the gut) and I am starting to lose the fat rolls around my waist. (That’s always the last place I gain and the first place I lose).

If 21 lbs makes this big of a difference, just imagine how much better I will feel when I hit my first goal of being back to 280.

Oh, and I spoke to DH this weekend (during long drive) about my plans to celebrate my goals.  When I hit my first one (280) I want a fancypants date night. The kind where he has to wear a suit if not his tux. 🙂 If the timing works out, my daughter’s school does a fancypants function once a year for parents and this year it is on March 24.  Of course, i really want that to be my SECOND reward for hitting my SECOND goal, but we’ll see. 🙂

This raises the question, what are some good ways to celebrate major achievements?


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