in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Friday Feedback 011312

I didn’t add it contemporaneously this week because I was out of office, but here are the totals:

Monday: Consumed 919 calories, net burned 1460.

Tuesday: Consumed 1450 calories, net burned 920. (See Thursday entry for how that number got so high – I was enerous on counting calories, probably a little less than that.)

Wednesday: Consumed 1307 calories (again, being generous with the soup), net burned 1072.

Thursday: Consumed 608 calories (made very low cal choices to balance out last two days), net burned 1771.

Friday: Consumed 757 (low cal and traveling), net burned 1622.

Saturday: Consumed 1692 (breakfast for lunch at Grandmother’s Christmas), net burned 687.

Sunday: Consumed 993, net burned 1384.

Total net burned for week: 8916


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