in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Well, it’s Thursday – been out of office the last two days and terribly busy the day before getting ready to be out of office, trying to settle one of our cases. A lot of hard work later, and we wound up adjourning, so I will be doing it again in 30 days or so. On the bright side, should bring in more money then. At least, I hope so.

Meanwhile, on the discliple front, I have progress to report, although not 100% compliance. On the first day out of office, even though I had plenty of bars with me, after our morning session (which caused me to miss my 10:00 packet), by the time lunch was there at almost 1:00 I was starving and I “wanted” to eat what was offered. I ate the innards of a turkey wrap (none of the wrap) and a bag of baked BBQ Lays chips and a cookie. Then I ate the innards of a roast beef half sandwich. So then three hours later, when I was getting hungry again, I had a choice. The facililty we were mediating at had TONS of food out to eat – everything from salted almonds to bags of chips and bars. But I remembered something I read recently (wish I remembered where and the exact language, but it goes something like this):

Just because you dropped an egg doesn’t mean you throw the whole basket down and stomp on it.

(Don’t you LOVE that visual?)

So I got my decaf coffee and ignored the snacks, and went back to our break out room and ate a regular old (packet) bar. Then I went home and had a regular old dinner (lean and green – turkey burger, burger only, and raw jicama) and had my nighttime brownie and tea, and refused again to throw the basket down by eating a big dinner, having some of the kids’ rice, or having any wine after bedtime (even though I was reallly tired and felt that I deserved it, lol!) And, the next day was better. I had my 10:00 bar, and we were headed somewhere else before my 1:00 bar was due, then that meeting lasted until almost 2:00 but because I wasn’t starving (and have learned a lesson, or at least have started to) I ordered plain old chicken soup (no noodles or anything) and ignored all the crackers while everyone else at the meeting had Chinese food. I would say that A+ behavior for me for that meal would have been to say no to even the soup, but in the social context, I decided to take the slight calorie hit, have a simple bowl of soup, and it would be OK calorie-wise. And I am going to say that decision was a solid B+ if not A- for me.

This weekend will be challenging a great opportunity to practice these “say no skills” (and possibly the “no stomping the eggs” skill as well) because I am going home. My family’s social life revolves around food, and there is a big event (a delayed family Christmas get together) that will be full of food. Fortunately, I am high on having lost 9 lbs last week and being so close to ducking under the 300’s for good, and (to paraphrase another well known expression, “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels,”) I would much rather have the feeling of being south of 300 for good than I would have the feeling of eating and regretting the food that will be offered. 🙂 I plan to take packets and eat them. Wish me luck!

Oh, and my Friday/Monday posts will be the best they can be in light of Life Happens stuff like away from desk for three days, but I am going to do them, nevertheless. 🙂


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