in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Monday Monitoring 010912

WEIGHT monitoring

Starting weight last Monday: 315.5

Today’s weight: 306.5

Result: -9.0


Week One Calorie Monitoring:

Total calorie deficit: 6551 for Tuesday through Friday; 3274 for Saturday/Sunday (Sunday was a bit of a mess up) so total = 9,825

Predicted loss (TCD/3500): 2.8 lbs

Actual loss: 9 lbs

I’m assuming fluctuations between predicted and actual are as follows:

Losing MORE than expected is because either  (a) I did more activity than I gave myself credit for; (b) I overestimated food calories (or, rather, I ate a smaller portion than the website calorie counter allowed for); or (c) I lost some water weight (particularly to be expected this past week, because of (a) hormonal timing; (b) the water loss that comes with the first week of low carbing; and (c) the flush that comes from upping my water intake a LOT after the holidays. But in addition to the timing and suspected water weight, I deliberately put my activity level in as sedentary and am trying to NOT be sedentary. I am also totally not sure if I am using the right calorie burn for T-Tapp, so the first explanation may have some merit as well.  Of course, on this end of things, I don’t care WHY it is happening as long as I am losing at least as much as predicted. 🙂

Losing LESS than expected will be a red flag – suggesting I am OVER estimating my activity levels or UNDER estimating calories on my lean and green meals. Of course, I can also blame water weight 🙂 but if I see a pattern… well, this is why I am bothering to monitor it!

Overall, yay!  Best results I have EVER had on a diet, most I have ever lost in one week. As for behavior, it was easier than I expected to shrink my stomach back downand to have no wine in the evening. The hardest part was changing out my evening routine and ignoring DH’s snacks. And (preserving for my own records in case I get off track) I am pretty sure that it was greatly facilitated by hot tea. I have been having a big mug of hot herbal (no caffeine) tea between every packet at work, and that keeps my tummy full feeling. And I have been having two really big mugs of hot herbal tea (“sleepy time” or “rest easy” or Tazo “Rest”) at night to keep my hands and mouth busy. DH’s chips and cashews still smelled good, but it was nice to have something to put in my mouth when I had the urge to munch. Oh! And in times past I have left off the fifth packet, because of the common dieting wisdom of not eating after dinner or after a certain time, and I don’t have time to eat all five before dinner. This time, I made myself a brownie every night after the kids went down. Adds 100 calories but leaves me feeling “mouth satisfied” because it is warm and chocolate and I eat it sloooowly. Obviously that was the better choice!

The biggest difference so far, though has been that I have not been motivating myself by thinking about how much I will lose or when. Instead, I have been motivating myself with my by-words: DISCIPLINE and TRUST. I am not doing “this” (not eating with DH, eating different meals from the rest of my family…) in order to “lose x pounds by y date” or even “be healthy” or “be skinny.” At this point, I am doing  (fill in the blank) to PROVE TO MYSELF that I have discipline enough to be an adult and give my body what it needs, not give my arbitrary and capricious inner child its way. And I have trust that means something will happen good in the results department, but that isn’t the reason. (And yes. Seeing results like 9 lbs down – better than even the very first week of ANY other diet I have done) is definitely a trust builder.) 😛


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