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Friday Feedback 010612

Another article courtesy of my friend says that “goal setting and planning skills have a causal link to subjective wellbeing” and that “such skills can be learned to enhance well-being.”

I’m sure you all already know my propensity for teh goalz. So I am happy to have some validation! 🙂 And on Fridays, I will provide a summary of how I did during the week on those goals (I’ve actually been updating every day and saving as a draft).

I decided to make MONDAY my weigh in day, to help keep me focused on the wild and woolly weekends when I am all over the board and sometimes tempted to cheat. So I will do Friday Feedback (a wrap up of how I did on my goals) and Monday Monitoring (focused on weigh in and measurement progress).

TUESDAY:  Five packets and a salad with romaine, red pepper, 3 boiled eggs, and a drizzle of light ranch. All liquid between bar and dinner (cappucino, soft serve (which I never add ice to and treat like a shake) and soup). Per the TSFL website, that makes it: 907 calories eaten, 2428 calories burned, total calorie deficit -1521.

In the “non scale victory” department, I did not have any wine or any of DH’s chips or nuts when he sat and snacked during the two shows we watched together.

WEDNESDAY: 5 packets (liquid for the middle three) and salad (romaine lettuce and yellow peppers) topped with oven baked chicken breast with light Teriyaki glaze. Per the TSFL website, that makes it: 939 calories eaten, 2595 calories burned, total calorie deficit -1656. Did 20 min T-Tapp Rehab – creaky but felt good!

Once again, I resisted DH’s snacks and the wine cabinet and confined my after-hours consumption to hot tea (and my sixth packet, which was a brownie).

THURSDAY: 5 packets (middle three liquid) and roast with a slice of provolone cheese (family had French Dip sandwiches) and yellow pepper slices. Per the TSFL website, that makes it: 944 calories eaten, total calorie deficit -1732.

FRIDAY: This is partly what’s planned and what has happened: 5 packets (middle three liquid) with a repeat of the roast from last night. BUT I left the cream out of my coffee and will leave off the cheese, so different result: 785 calories eaten, calorie deficit -1642. That amount will be higher if I get in a workout tonight (I slept in today).

I’m curious to see how Monday monitoring will look.


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