in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Tuesday Thinspiration

(on Wednesday because it is a short week)

Today’s list of ten things that are going to be lots better as I lose weight:

  1. Showering is faster when you are thin. Especially the leg shaving bit.
  2. So is drying off.
  3. And so is getting dressed. I’m really looking forward to the day my bra goes on easy peasy.
  4. Clothes (and jewelry and makeup) are more fun when you like how you look.
  5. Airplanes magically expand. I would even be able to use the tray tables again.
  6. I could sit in my DH’s lap when we watch TV. This would rock.
  7. My knees and feet will not wince when I stand/walk.
  8. My kids can get their arms around me for a hug (or mostly anyway).
  9. I will not be self conscious at my daughter’s school.
  10. I will look forward to dress up events again. (I have one at the end of March. Trying to get excited about it!)

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