in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

The Jan Plan

I’m starting the new year at 315.5 – up from my lowest of the year and still down from where I started 2011. More importantly than the numbers up or down, I am starting the new year with (a) a food plan that works for my lifestyle, blood sugar issues, and body; (b) the ability to sleep really well; (c) a rehabilitated right knee and a coming-along left knee; and (d) an exercise regime that actually works for me also.

It turns out, though, that having the right tools is meaningless without the discipline of actually using them.  Which leads me to my theme words for 2012. I have two: TRUST and DISCIPLINE. Both of these words have application to many, many areas of my life beyond the narrow issue of food/exercise that I am focusing on for this blog, but here’s what they mean for this purpose.

DISCIPLINE means choosing to do the responsible, mature, “parenting” thing for my body. Giving my body what it needs rather than what my wayward impulsive self would choose. Discipline means treating my body the way I treat my children’s bodies – with respect and care for what it needs to accomplish, instead of like some toy that I can batter around without consequence.

TRUST is actually harder for me. Trust means believing that if I show discipline, my body will reward me by improving. More health, more movement, more fun in the day when I am not toting around extra weight. For a lot of reasons, some of which are addressed and some of which are in process (and some of which I am just stuck with!), my body doesn’t respond as fast as some people’s do. But I have to TRUST that it will respond, that my discipline will be rewarded.

Now, with those theme words in mind, here is the brass tacks plan for JAN(uary).

  1. Five packets, one “lean and green” meal per day – even weekends – for the month.
  2. No alcohol this month at all. I need a jump start.
  3. For the first week of work (which is only four days), I’m focusing on liquid packets (shakes, smoothies, soups, hot drinks) to shrink my stomach again.
  4. For the first ten days (starting today) I am doing the T-Tapp 20 min rehab session.
  5. Figure out when I have to get to bed to make getting up at 6:00 an easy tolerable thing to do, and set up a schedule for which nights of the week I play which MMOs, which evenings I write, and which evenings I veg, with a decided downturn in the number of vegetation nights. 🙂

After this week, I am going to assess whether to continue the liquids bit or not, and map out to see if I need to reorder packets soon – I delayed my shipment because I was off packets during most of December (and not dieting at all).

That’s it. Pretty simple. Now for the discipline, which is fueled by the trust. (Gulp).



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