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Feedback Friday

No way I will be able to post every day – it just aint’ happening. So I am going to try to summarize where I am on Fridays – not because I think anyone is waiting with bated breath to hear from me (lol) but so that I have a preserved record.

To recap, last Wednesday, I started my exercise program. Last Friday (a week ago) I got out my next size down jeans to try on so I have something tangible to measure progress. I made myself pull them on as much as they would go so I can actually see results, and last Friday they would pull up (with effort) but would not fasten (at least, not without a LOT of work!)

Since then, I worked out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday I was at an all day work thing and didn’t do the work out, although I did walk all over downtown in heels. 🙂 On Thursday morning, I took measurements but since I hadn’t taken them at the start, I don’t really know how I did. (Next post I will compare them to where I was when I started the challenge with my friend, but I didn’t bring them today.)

Welll this week,  I wore either capris or suits to work.  But on Wednesday, I had pulled out a jeans outfit to wear to a thing at my daughter’s school that night – a thing that involved bonfires and tromping around on dirt. Sadly, my meeting ran late (of course) and so I wound up going to the school in my business suit and just grabbing sandals. Thursday was an all day suit day. So this morning, the outfit I’d laid out on Wednesday was still lying there, right next to the “try on” jeans that I had hung on the quilt rack at the foot of my bed (just to keep the goal in mind!) So this morning, I was running late, and grabbed my jeans and dressed as fast as I could. They felt tight and stiffer than I expected, but they had just been washed, so I wasn’t that surprised – but I was a little bit sad and mad that after a week of exercise and actuallly FEELING smaller, my jeans were tighter.

I wore the jeans to my daughter’s play and only after I went to the restroom did I realize – I’m wearing the SMALLER jeans!! So no wonder they feel “tighter” than expected!! 🙂 But they don’t look painted on or anything – they look fine!

And when I got to work after the play, one of my coworkers commented that I was looking skinny today. I thoroughly enjoyed telling her, that’s because I am down a size in jeans! Woohoo!


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