in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Did my Day 3 of TTBC (T-Tapp Boot Camp) today. Last night I was SUPER sore. An athlete friend has been telling me repeatedly that the way around this is hot Epsom salt baths. Then someone ELSE told me that. Finally, I saw on the T-Tapp website that they recommend… you guessed it, salt baths. So last night I made myself soak in Epsom salts and what do you know? I was immediately less sore and not nearly so sore today as I expected, based on the fact that Day 3 is supposed to be hardest and based on how sore I was yesterday.

The problem with baths for me is our bathtub in the master is one of those huge, pretty garden types but with these stair steps going to it. They go up so you are on a pedestal, but then you have to go down into the tub and there are no INSIDE the tub steps. Bleck. Second problem is that it is VERY deep, which sounds good, right? but actually is a problem since it takes a LOT of hot water to fill it up.

Anyway, last night was such a success that I will DEFINITELY be trying it again.

Wish me luck on the weekend – going to keep up my TTBC!!


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