in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Re-booting and T-Tapping

Well, here we are. I am not going to recount the missed time, let’s just leave it as some things were good, some were not, and overall I’ve been hovering at the same size.

So one of my BFF’s told me about a PBS special she saw on T-Tapp – here’s the 10 second deets: rebuild neurokinetic paths (mine are broken fur sure), move lymphatic fluids around in body, thereby cleaning out toxins, filtering your blood, and dissolving fat (w00t!), regain muscle, posture, and basically overall re-hab your body.

I was fascinated.

Bought book. Read it obsessively. Traveled to London to see a friend and took book with. Practiced first three moves with friend’s assistance. (They are complicated – LOTS to think about for each one.) Did them daily for the four days I was actually in London (not the two I was traveling). Arrived home feeling substantially fitter and truly intrigued. Ordered the MORE workout (more rehab focused) and the Basic Plus (the first one in the non-rehab series) last Friday. It was not due to arrive until at least next Monday, but it arrived yesterday!

Last night, did the MORE instructional video. No idea how long it took since interrupted in middle for kid bedtime. This morning, did the MORE workout without instructions or kid “help” – took 19:30 to complete. Very doable. Definitely FEEL IT. But don’t HURT.

VERY EXCITED. Planning to follow Theresa Tapp’s plan for those with oodles to lose and do a 2 week bootcamp – the MORE workout every day for two weeks. Then you drop to every other day. But we’ll see – maybe I will keep going.

GOAL: (random) My daughter’s school has a big fancy pants party/fundraiser/auction every other year. This is one of those years. It is set for March 24. I am going to look really smashing by then. 🙂


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