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Musings on planning

I almost called this The Plan but I want to think it through and see if anyone has any comments.

My contest with J at work runs until Sept 11 – about 45 days (almost). I am calling this Phase I. The general goal for Phase I is to gain muscle, lose fat, with an emphasis on the former. The plan is to: (1) eat the Noms; (2) do the hard  cardio workout (on the PT stairmaster) three days a week (MWF) for min. 20 minutes with an option to go also after work on Tuesday; (3) behave at the lean and green meal; and (4) lift weights with DH three times (T/Th/Sat). Optional things I may do are to try out Zumba (it looks fun!) and to try some of my other videos, and to add in the easy cardio (WATP) in the mornings every day that work permits (once I get to work.)

Phase II I think will be from after the conference for another 6 weeks – so through Halloween.

Phase III would then be Nov 1 – Christmas (a little more than 6 weeks).

I’m pretty sure I will still be nomming for all of them unless something happens, but I plan to change up the exercise!


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  1. All sounds good, the hardest part is getting started 🙂

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