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Skeery Numbers

Since the challenge I have with my work buddy is to increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat (so as to increase lean body percentage), I had to calculate those numbers. They is deh skeery.

First, I had the nightmare of figuring out what calculator to use. For people my size, the machines are not reliable.  Neither are the calculations, frankly, but they are more reliable in that they are based on numbers that will go down as I do this process. So after a survey of the ones out there (YMCA , Army, Marine, Navy), I went with the worst report for me, which is Army. (YMCA thinks I only have 33% body fat, which is laughable, because it only looks at hips and waist and I have a (relatively) tiny waist, with my fat “hidden” from the calculations on my legs and arms!) So, [drumroll, please] as of today, my stats are:

Body Fat % 67.7
Lean% 32.3
BF pounds 208.8545
LMB pounds 99.6455

Which means I am carrying 209 or so lbs of FAT on my body, using only about 100 lbs of MUSCLE. No wonder I am SO FLIPPING TIRED.

By way of contrast, when I was 225 lbs, I was nearly 150 lbs muscle. So (as I suspected) what killed me about all the bed rest (with the pneumonia and the kid) was less gaining the 40 lbs or so and more LOSING more than 50 lbs of muscle mass by lying still.

 I knew this, people, I did. But it is sad and scary to see those numbers laid out.

My goal now (OBVIOUSLY) is to add muscle. That will burn fat just sitting still, which is good. I doubt I can do that without burning some fat also, which is also good. But the Number One goal is to increase that muscle mass.

The plan:

Cardio at the chiro (has a nustep I can use for free 4 times per week) at lunch MWF and after work on Tuesdays – starting at 20 min this week

Weight lifting with the DH in the mornings T-Th-and Sat or Sun (we have a work out center in the basement)

On all non cardio at the chiro days, doing a video of some sort.

This is going to go on between NOW and Sept 11, the day before we head off to a major work conference in D.C., and we will see how far each of us can go in that time.

Addendum: we decided to use the Navy calculator instead. My results are even scarier there:

Weight 308.5


Muscle pounds: 67.5615

Fat pounds: 240.9385


Addendum No. 2: We changed our minds (AGAIN), all based on ease of entry and calculation. This site we are actually using has me as follows:

3. Your Results:

Body Fat %:

Lbs/Kgs of Body Fat:

Lean Body Weight:


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  1. Okay your final update doesn’t have numbers. I keep meaning to ask you where you are finding the calculators, since I think I want to torture, I mean measure, myself.

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