in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Observations and plans


1. It all started this time with my post whining about the up and down nature of the scale.

2. That shortly escalated into overall dissatisfaction with my results (which were otherwise very satisfactory).

3. Then some ranch potatoes and a roll found there way onto my plate at dinner, yet still I said I was “on track.”

4. At the same time, ongoing distress about my unhappiness with my Life Progress on other goals.

5. Leading to drinking wine with my whine while playing online with DH.

6. Leading to nasty attitude and a slow slide that ended in me eating most of a calzone for dinner last night and some macaroni before bed.

7. Leading to today, wherein I feel like warmed over crap, have a headache and upset tummy, and have total mental fog. UGH.



1. I am getting back on plan before another meal ticks by and it gets even harder. (ACtually, I already did – I’m three good meals down.)

2.The scales are being packed away today for six weeks.

3. I am calculating my lean body mass tonight and spending six weeks trying to increase it, without peeking at the scale at all.

4. I have challenged a work colleague to a “who can gain the most muscle mass” contest – we are both horribly competitive, so I am sure that will keep me focused. It will start next week.

5. I am back on packets and a very LC meal starting today. And since tonight is “million dollar spagetti” at casa del us, I had a nice LC sashimi lunch and will enjoy a packet at dinner.

6. Please remind me when I am complaining about SPEED of progress that anything beats teh heck out of going backward and that I feel INSANELY BAD when I get off plan?


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