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Rockin along

Well, crazy work stuff continues but should settle down tomorrow. Have been doing very well and on plan, no down time after the weekend’s craziness. Did not sucuumb to the desire to end stressful work days with wine (saving countless calories).

Weight is weird. It literally has bounced back and forth between 305 and 295 (and once even to 290).  I mean, I get it that some variation is teh norms. And a one time big leap or loss I also get, because of what you ate, how much water, time of day, time of month, yada yada yada. But I had the sudden drop last week (Thursday? Wednesday?) and although I expected it to go back up some and gradually inch down, that is not what has happened. Instead, I weighed in the next day at 305 (one lb down). Then 290. Then 295. Then 306. What the heck?

So now I am thinking that new scales are in order. On the list for the weekend, in fact.

In non scale news, it turns out I do in fact still have a jawline. Who knew? It is proudly on display every day now, hurray. 🙂

And the bra that was too tight in Seattle and making me nuts is now fine. Also hurray.

What’s up with youse guys?

PS: I looked back, and yes, it was last Thursday the 21st. So this is a week of weirdness.


Comments on: "Rockin along" (1)

  1. michele said:

    I would love it if your scale was broken… maybe. Or hate it. We shall see I guess. LOL

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