in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff


Good news:

1. Had one of those sudden leaps down on the scale today. May take a few days to stick, but I was down 9.5 lbs this morning over yesterday morning (same time, same state). I’ve been seeing little inching down moves since I started last week so I think this is real – even if it takes a few days to stick – because I think it just took my body about a week to dump the extra water and trust that I was going to keep giving it water and stop giving it the carb load it had gotten used to again.

2. This puts me at 295.5. That’s not the lowest I got when I first started the Noms (I was in the high 280s at one point I think) but it is getting there. It is back out of the 300s for the LAST TIME.  It is also only 20.5 lbs from my first goal of 275.

3. Did I mention, I just left the 300s for the last and final time eva?

I know I have said it before, but my 275 goal will put me back where I was before my second pregnancy. (Actually, it will put me one pound lower.)  I am both amused by and love the fact that my goals will have me “rolling back the clock.”

  1. 275 – pre-second baby, taking me back to fall 2008
  2. 250 – post-maternity leave after first baby, taking me back to fall 2005
  3. 225 – pre-first baby, taking me back to fall 2004 (and I will also celebrate 232 – what I weighed 2 weeks after first baby)
  4. 199 – don’t know when I was last under 200, but it was before my wedding in 2001

From there, I just get “high school skinny,” as the radio says. 🙂

Oh! Last night, DH and I discussed that I need to celebrate my first goal when I get there. (At the time, was thinking it was 25-30 lbs away). DH suggested $100 iTunes card to use for Apps for iPad. I said if I can spend $100 celebrating, I want to use it to get some earrings re-set. I have some sapphire studs and some emerald studs that are pretty stones but not set in hypoallergenic settings, so they make my ears hurt. I think I am going to have them set together for a single pair – my birthstone is sapphire, DH’s is emerald, and they will look pretty together. 🙂  I am pretty sure since I have the stones, I can do it for less than $100. 🙂 I keep picturing myself wearing my pretty new earrings to my work trip in September and smiling. 🙂


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