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No Excuses

Continuing the theme of what I found in the “tips” from 100 Clubbers, a big theme that jumped out at me is the “No Excuses” theme. This is closely tied to believing that you CAN do it, but it is a little different to me. To me, no excuses means you make the decision to DO THIS THING and you do not revisit it. You don’t ask yourself every meal time whether you will eat on or off plan, you don’t even consider the OPTION to cheat or deviate. Because you already made the decision. To me, if you can avoid revisiting the decisions regularly and JUST EXECUTE, you have a much lower chance of slipping up. Once you let in the notion that you MIGHT NOT do the right thing this time (maybe just a bite won’t hurt, I’ve been really good/already been bad/don’t feel well/really like this kind…) you have to revisit the whole committment thing all over again – and at a moment when you are not, by definition, at your strongest and being actively tempted!  So I say, don’t even open up that line of thought. There is NO reason to go off plan – anything you come up with is just an EXCUSE.

Here’s a collection of sayings about excuses/just doing it:

“Be motivated to do it and don’t make excuses to yourself. Your mind will start to rationalize cheating and soon you are back to where you were.” (How true is THAT one? That one sums up the first year or so of  this blog!)

“Follow your plan exactly as designed and you will see results.” (Again, I don’t think it matters WHAT your plan is so much as that you STICK TO IT!)

“You have a choice – choose to live!”

“Stick to the plan.”

“Don’t give in to excuses. Make up your mind that you are goiing to do it and do it for you.”

“Make up your mind you want to change.”

“Get into the mindset that this is going to work for you.”

“Follow the program. Go into it with the understanding that you have to follow ALL of the directions, like drinking all the water and keeping your meal calories where they belong.”

“Give up excuses. If you have an excuse, any excuse will work and negatively impact your progress.”

I love that – give up excuses. No excuses. I’m belly free by October. 🙂


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