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Believe it

It is with great trepidition that I make this second foray into the world of affirmations in this blog – not because I don’t believe it works (I do) but because I know you will make fun of me (even if only in your head). 🙂 Oh well.

I’ve been making   a collection of things I saw in reading just 20 success stories the last few days, all from people who lost over 100 lbs and kept it off at least a year.  I grouped them into themes, and this one, I think, is both the most common and most important for me.  I call it “BELIEVE.”

“Get into the mindset that this is going to work for you.”

“Believe that once you get started you are going to see results. Then believe the results and push forward to where you want to go.”

“Believe you can do it.”

“Belief in yourself is key. If you believe you can or can’t, that’s what you will produce in your life.”

That’s why I think my selection of NO BELLY BY OCTOBER is so key. That feels doable and right.  No cognitive dissonance, no mental pushback. I can honestly say that I BELIEVE that I will have no belly by October.

The second thing that comes out of this is WHAT to believe.  I am working to believe that I can be thin, that I can be active, that I can be athletic. (Or should I say, that I AM thin, active and athletic – because per affirmation gurus, the subconscious deals in present tense only.)

I am working to believe that I am plenty young enough to accomplish this, and that when I am done I will look younger and prettier than ever. (Notice I didn’t say that I WON’T look older – again, per the gurus, the subconscious does not work well with negatives – for instance, “don’t think of a pink elephant” produces precisely the wrong result. Since the idea of affirmations is that you will get more of what you give your attention to, you want to focus on the positive thing you want – to still look young – not the negative – to NOT look old. Make sense?)

I am also working  to believe that eating this way (packets and one low cal/low carb meal) is easy and fun and brainless and that I wouldn’t go off plan for love or money because it is so easy to STAY on and so much harder to GET BACK on the wagon. And that last part I believe 100% because I KNOW it is true, and I tack it on there to give the rest of it some “oomph.”

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out Extreme Makeovers Weight Loss edition with Chris Powell and you are in the midst of a personal transformation (or just want to be), check it out. He transforms morbidly obese people over a year in 3 month phases. Week 1 he teaches them the work out and how to eat (at a spa in California) while his team re-does their living space to make it support the new lifestyle. As in, when they come home, the big screen and comfy couches are gone and there’s treadmill/weights/etc instead. Then for the first three months (Phase 1) he is with them pretty much all the time and gives them a very agressive goal (in one, 150 lbs for a 650 lb, 26 year old man; in the other, 100 lbs for a 450 lb, 30 year old woman) and helps them slay it. Then in Phases 2 and 3 there is decreasing levels of support.  For instance, for the woman (who had 2 kids, ages 5 and 2, a husband who had a stroke and was disabled, and a full time job) for phase 2 he gave her a nanny, but the nanny went away in phase 3). Then there is a big final weigh in at 365 days after they started. I’ve only seen two episodes, and in both of them, the client had a tremendous first Phase and then struggled (the guy in Phase 2 when he got sick and was in ICU for a week, then never got back on the exercise wagon; the girl in Phase 3 when she had to go back to real life/no nanny.) In both of them, they made tremendous progress over the year, but were not done. But in both cases, I really think they were actually TRANSFORMED – permanently changed – not because they weighed less but because they then had the BELIEF that they could do it.

Am I going to do this? YES. BELIEVE IT, my friend.


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