in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Things I am thinking about:

Just got back from a great trip to Seattle with DH and great friends, which would ONLY have been improved if I had been in better shape. Seattle is a vertical city ,clinging to the coastline – you change elevations CONSTANTLY, much like San Francisco. The first day I was fine if occasionally winded. By the end of the second my calves were killing me!

I’m tired of being tired. Today, I hurt all over. Partly that’s  from the walking/climbing, partly from the monster cramps I am enjoying (always a gift of air travel anywhere near my period) and partly jet lag. But I really and truly am tired of being tired.

I spent time with my mom and dad on the Fourth. Looking at them – they are 20 years older than me – makes me realize what I am headed for if I don’t lose the extra weight NOW. And it also stresses me out – I want THEM to lose the weight, too. Not suffer for the rest of an artificially shortened life!

So here I am. A little more than two months from forty, and while I am in much better shape than I was when Son was born (and even from this point last year) I am still not HEALTHY. Nope, nosirree bob. Not at all.

Eating well is not enough. (Although, eating better than I did on vacation and the week leading up to it would be a definite start!) My body needs to get back in fighting form. And soon.

I am tired of being so tired.


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