in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Holy crap. I’m now 120 days away. How did that happen?

I actually didn’t calculate that until I opened up this blog to post and realized I had lost track. And honestly, I could care less about the “Forty” aspect of it, as much as the “deadline” aspect of it.

So here is what I just did. I went to the Noms website. I read about the “Take Shape For Life” plan as if I had never heard of it before and was considering buying it. Do you know what? it’s a really good program. Very healthy, lots of doctor recommendations. Very simple. Very easy (at least as far as planning and execution goes). Very hard to be dishonest with yourself on it and have a “little extra” anything.

One thing I noticed this time through that I really hadn’t noticed before, is that the plan folks say that after “only about three days” you switch over to “mild fat burning mode” and you no longer crave carbs, etc. etc. I can already tell you that it really takes no more than a day eating my packets for my stomach to shrink until overeating at dinner is unattractive. But I hadn’t considered that what they are actually trying to do with the “lean and green” is not just portion control and calorie control, it is ketosis.

(I am very comfy with ketosis as a way of burning off fat. It isn’t the same as ketoacidocis.)

So knowing that the goal is ketosis, I really need to rethink my approach to dinners. After that first couple of weeks, I have been just trying to keep myself within CALORIE tolerances at dinner. My thinking was that it gave me “wiggle room” to still “enjoy my food” at dinner. Nevermind that I slip up on that occasionally. But apparently I am doing more than that – I am keeping myself out of ketosis. Hmmm. That means I am (a) giving up the main fat burning synergy I could be enjoying (meaning – faster weight loss); and (b) continuing to crave carbs that I otherwise would not be craving.

Then I read all the 100+ lb success stories. And here is what I kept seeing: people lost SIGNIFICANT weight in, like 30 weeks. And if yo uthink about it, AVERAGE on Medifast/TSFL is 2 to 5 lbs per week. So if I actually WORK the plan that I am PAYING FOR and already SUFFERING THROUGH all day (to the extent it is suffering, which is really is not, other than the mental discipline of not having cake when coworkers offer it, etc.) then I should lose at least another 34 lbs (2 x 17) between now and Birthday, and possibly as many as EIGHTY FIVE (five pounds per week). Most likely somewhere between 34 and 85. I could totally live with that.

Now, to be fair, 17 weeks is a long time. It’s basically the summer. So I think I need a SMALLER goal that I can manage to get me past the cravings.

I have decided to be PERFECT, as in, no cheating, as in, no foods off the TSFL plan, for the next week. By then, I should be over the cravings. So willpower only has to get me through seven days, and I am 90% of the way through this one already.

Wish me luck.


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