in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Not going to be posting every day more than likely, but just briefly:

One day of Uber Strict Carb Control (USCC) and my cravings are already better today.

One day of USCC and I am hungry at the half hour before my nom packet is due mark, instead of the one hour after I ate my nom packet mark. (That’s every 2.5 hours I feel peckish instead of every hour.)

What’s more subtle is how my attitude feels. I made rational decisions about what to do yesterday – read the program materials again, review the success stories, and having done that, made a rational decision that I was going to spend the next week on USCC. Today, I passed on the office “let’s order lunch” plan without too much thought. A bit of a pang, but not much. Partly because the decision is MADE: I am not eating lunch like that this week. But partly because I felt like it wasn’t that big a deal. There was even talk of pizza, and I let it go.

Ugh. Looks like whatever it does to the scales, USCC works for attitude and cravings. I’m hoping it is even better after this week.

Then? Then I guess I recommit for some next committed period. Another week perhaps.


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