in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Craaaaazy weekend.  The set up: Daughter’s BD party is Saturday morning at 10:30. Hubs has surprise budget stuff that must be done before Monday morning, plus regular schoolwork.  Oh, and my dryer has been broken all week and the repair saga would fill another post, but Hubs and Friend are supposed to meet afterward and re-do ventilation to see if that fixes problem.

So starting as we are trying to unload car at birthday location, we get torrential rains. Like, the kind that soak you before you can get under your already-open umbrella getting out of the car. But we couldn’t actually carry umbrellas, we were carrying drinks, food, etc.

I’ll spare you the deets of the party, whcih was a huge hit (but I had no key to kitchen, so food was a bit different than planned).  Home to drop off kids to eat, packet for me and a couple hours emergency work of my own, then groceries.  Then dinner out, where Son pooked after a coughing fit, leaving us running home to clean him up, feed everyone late, and get them to bed. 

By then, my arthritis had informed me very loudly that it was not just raining, it was storming and likely to be doing so for a few days. I was hurting so bad I teared up a couple of times at dinner, and it just got worse.  Drugs were doing nothing to help.

Had some wine after kids were down and quieted pain to a dull roar.  Went up to bed about midnight – at 2:00 awakened by HUGE crack of thunder and power going out.  Two hours later we realized it was just US, the rest of the street had power.  We had been struck by lightning.  Started inventory of damaged stuff about 4:00.

So Sunday was church plus important not to be missed dinner for the Praise Team because big annoucements were to be made. I took kids, Hubs was busy inventorying dead equip and trying to do the work that did NOT get done the day before between the party and the dryer gymnastics.  By the time I got home I thought I was going to die.  Or I guess more accurately WANTED to die, just to stop the pain.

Upshot: on plan all weekend, sushi for dinner Saturday night and steak/greenbeans Sunday, packets otherwise, but plenty of wine both nights to dull the pain.  😦  Would rather not be drinking my calories, but seriously, NOTHING else makes it possible for me to sleep on nights like that.


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