in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Born to Run…

As we continue through the Hormonal Doldrums, waiting for the flash of losing the water weight to invigorate me again, I am going to digress into how very very badly I want to run again.

I have been thinkng about this for months, especially in the Spring.  I love it when the mornings are cold but promise heat later in the day.  I love it when it is dark and murky and raining.  I keep re-reading my friend Jill’s race report from her first Iron Man triathlon.  Can I just tell you that I bawled like a baby by the end of it?  I think it is so amazing to set a goal like the IM and finish it – how incredible for her kids to see that happen!! 

I love running.  I have always loved running.  I MISS running.  I am pretty far from able to do it right now, but my heart pounds and my hands get sweaty at the very idea of entering a race – in a good way, that is!  No interest really in WINNING the race, the point would be just to finish them and track my personal record (PR).  I can’t help but wish I had known such a thing existed (did it exist?) when I was younger.  By “thing” I mean the vast profusion of races – everything from ultramarathons to 5Ks – that seem so easy to find now.  The only race I remember from when I was younger was the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta – then 5 hours from my house and held in Atlanta in July, which frankly sounds revolting. 🙂

I’m sure those hormonal doldrums are affecting my reaction (tears and all) but I want to do something like this SO BAD and right now, it seems so far away.  I guess that’s kind of the point, right?  But yeah. 

I am a lousy swimmer, I didn’t even learn how until my teens because of all the tubes in my ears.  Although I loved biking, I haven’t been on once since I was about 12 and I hate exercise bikes.  So I guess the world of triathlons is not for me (as cool as the tris I know seem to be).  Maybe I could do a sprint tri one day, after I am otherwise fit, but I think my first athletic goal should play to my strength.  I want to run. 

I want to run – up on my toes, feeling the push as my legs send me bounding through the air.  I love that rhythm between my arms and my legs, when my brain shuts off and my body just GOES.  I want to run FAST, I want to run LONG.  I want to spend more time in the air than I do touching the ground.  I want to run.


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