in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

Yesterday I wound up with dinner out (California Pizza Kitchen) and a daily calorie intake of 1381.9.  I didn’t do any exercise, so my total deficit was 965.0 calories. 

T0day’s plan is to eat today the dinner I had planned for yesterday – yesterday I went out because we needed to make a run on the Party City for Daughter’s birthday party, which is tomorrow. 

Here’s another observation after just two weeks of logging food.  The first was that I am still an emotional eater and I gotta work more on that, see yesterday’s rant.  The second is that when I eat something different from what I planned, or have a day like Wednesday where I really munch all night, I build it up in my head as having been worse than it was.  Then I am despairing over it and cue the emotional eating.  Stupid vicious cycle. 🙂  So by logging my food, even the stuff I really dread logging, I find that I am NOT that far off plan and that I am still in a deficit, just a smaller one. 

And just like I am stupidly susceptible to the whole “this will never work, I suck, I might as well eat a French friend Shetland pony” mentality, I am equally susceptible to the “this will work, I can have a pretty bad day with lots of cramps and mooning around and munching and guess what? Still in a deficit.”  THAT makes me want to do better the next day. 

So while I wish I was that person who is inspired to kick her own butt, in this area, I do a lot better if I stay ShinyHappyKitteh, in which all is roses and I will inevitably succeed.

So today’s weight: 299 – down half, but not suprising that it is not down more because I ate pizza last night and did NOT clear the carbs out of my GI tract.  Bready stuff and stuff with casein (like all the cheese I have eaten the last week) take a lot of water for my body to process.  The nice thing is, not so many trips to the rest room 🙂 The bad part is, artificially higher weights.

So now that I am through the worst of the period, I am curious what my weight will be by next Monday if I lay off the cheese and breads totally for dinner.  Should be easy today (pork chops at home) and more challenging Saturday, when we will eat out, and Sunday afternoon, when we are having a big church potlucky thing.  But I AM really curious, so maybe that curiosity will help fuel me.

Oh! I did do my 1 mile walk again this morning.  I really like doing that when I first arrive, and I can feel my little cheeks glowing hot pink for an hour or so after. 🙂 I hear that means I am burning fat – the “fat burning flush.”  Hope that’s right! 🙂


Comments on: "Report: Day 172 (March 25)" (3)

  1. Only 1381.9 for the whole day and you ate at CPK?!?!??! How’s that even possible?! Sounds like a win to me.

    • Ha! Easy – almost 800 of the calories were from there. My Noms are 100 cals each so 4 during the day and I am at 400 when I start dinner.

      Julie K. Bracker

      • That’s what I figured, but only 800 calories at CPK? How’s that possible? Okay, maybe I’m just thinking about my enormous appetite. /lol

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