in which Kitteh shrinks away oodles of fluff

I think I am going to start reporting these days when I draft them (before the day is done) with the plan.  Then tomorrow I will give you the stats on how I did.  Hoping that planning it out helps keep me focused.

Today’s plan is packets, dinner is pork chop, salad and green beans.  If I stick to that, my total calories should come in about 1,000, leaving me more than 1,000 deficit for the day.

I am still miserably crampy and I know that theoretically it would help to exercise, but yeah. Not likely to happen.  We’ll see.

Yesterday (you can see from reading if you are inclined to go back a day) I let myself get overly hungry, made a not great dinner choice, adn then ate too much at night and even though I still had a deficit, it was lower.  More distressingly, after I eat carbs like that (pita chips and crackers) my weight is always up artificially until they work their way out of my system. So today I was back up to 299.5.  That’s not “real” but still irksome. Making myself type it out in black and white as negative reinforcement for dipping into crackers! 🙂

This whole thing really drives home to me what an emotional eater I still am.  Last night I was tired and grumped that my dryer broke AGAIN, after just paying for repair on Monday. Not surprising, we were pretty sure he just replaced the fuse and didn’t bother trying to see why it had melted in the first place.  But still aggravating, and I have had dirty laundry all over my kitchen since Sunday and keep dragging it out and piling it back up – dryer broke, dryer fixed, out of detergent (!), dryer broke again… Gah!  And so tired and frustrated Kitteh had too much wine, which led to too much food of the wrong kind.

And did it comfort me? Well, NO. Not really! I went to bed irked about the food AND the clothes, and woke up tireder than usual and tireder than I had to be, if I had just gone to bed instead of pigging out.

Again, trying to negatively reinforce this stupidity.  I’m almost 40, time to absorb the lesson that more food doesn’t help ANYTHING, just makes you fat and draggy.


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